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Writing Quiz

As health professionals we write memos, letters, minutes, manuals, project proposals, literature reviews, scientific reports, book reviews, and more.  We get involved in writing as part of advanced education, as part of our contribution to our professional society, and as part of our routine jobs. Having good writing skills helps us succeed in our careers. No matter what our skill level, writing is something that can always be improved.

Have fun with this quiz that tests grammar, punctuation, and English usage. 

Detect and identify the errors or poor practices.

1. Each of the tests have their own controls.

2. The great majority of HIV-infected people seroconvert within the time period of six to eight weeks of infection.


3. In our opinion communication skills are a key to success  
4. The methods used to test HIV infection include: enzyme immunoassays (EIA), Western blot, and nucleic acid testing (NAT).

5. At this point in time molecular biology  is a popular specialty.   
6. Error management plays a key role; it's implementation is required for accreditation.

7. A history of hepatitis B  is a criteria for being permanently deferred from donating blood. 
8. We were taught, "Tell them what you will say, say it, then tell them what you said."  
9. The auditor gave an indication that staff training was inadequately documented.
10. Consent to treatment is an issue that physicians must speak to patients about.

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