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I'm semi-retired except for a few 'jobettes' mostly done for fun.

As a consultant, I specialized in developing transfusion-related websites and managing mailing lists for health professionals. Expertise includes the Internet for professional development, communication skills, technical writing, and transfusion medicine education. I have extensive experience as an educator and clinical instructor.

I began consulting part-time in 1996 and became a full-time consultant in 2000. And I still retain an appointment as an assistant clinical professor at the University of Alberta.

In the past I published papers on using the Internet and presented talks and workshops at national and international conferences.  Also, I'm the founder and listowner of MEDLAB-L. See 2004 interview.


    'Letendre Bursary': Created by CSTM, 2011 (Overwhelmed & humbled by this honour so generously given by colleagues)

    Distinguished Fellowship of the CSMLS. Presented at CSMLS LabCon, Halifax  (2011)

    Text of acceptance speech

    Donald Buchanan Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Immunohematology Club of Edmonton and the Dr. D. I. Buchanan Memorial Fund. Delivered at ISBT World Congress, Vancouver  (2002)

    Tech Sample of the Year, American Society of Clinical Pathologists (2002), now available on TraQ (see Other Cases - Case O1)

    Premier's Award of Excellence-Gold (team award): member of the  Transfusion Medicine and Transplantation Laboratory Medicine Competency Assurance Project of the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons (1997-9)

    International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists Dade Award for Outstanding Services to Medical Laboratory Technology (accepted in Oslo,1996) (now IFBLS)

    Honorary lifetime membership in the ASMLT (1996)

    Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine Ortho Award (1995)

    MLS Instructor of the Year, 1991

    Alberta Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (ASMLT) Award of Distinction for Exemplary Performance in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology (1988)

Selected Publications (Publications since 1990)

2011 Rh negative female with anti-D at delivery: A case study

2011 Hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn

2009 The disappearing antibody: A Case Study

2008 Case of a disappearing antibody.  Case B7.

2006 Chamber K, Letendre P, Whitman L. PDF Blood Components. In: Clinical Guide to Transfusion, Clarke G, Blajchman M, eds. Ottawa: Canadian Blood Services, 2006.

2005 Severe hemolytic transfusion reaction involving a student. Case A8.

2004 Letendre P. CSA Standards Z902-04:implications and issues

2004 Inter-facility transportation of RBCs. Case A7.

2003 ABO group inconsistent with records (due to patient misidentification when collecting the blood specimen) Case B6.

2003 Letendre P.  Web-based resources for transfusion medicine. Blood Matters 2003 Apr;5(2):1-4.

2002 Letendre P. Web-based educational resources. An overview. Vox Sang 2002; 83 (Suppl 1):227-30.

2001 Letendre P. Search Engines - Finding What You Want. Lab Med 2001 Dec;12(32):758-61.

2000 Letendre P. Designing your own web site. AABB News 2000;22(4):9:22-3.

1999 Letendre P. Using the Internet as a research tool. AABB News; 1999 June. 

1997 Letendre P. Writing a case report. Canad J Med Lab Sci 1997; 59: 142-3.

1994 Letendre P. Wakariyasui igakueigoronbun. Osaka: Iyaku Journal Company, 1994. (Japanese translation of the textbook: Letendre P. Fundamentals of Writing for the Biomedical Sciences. Division of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Alberta, 1991.)

Selected Presentations, Workshops, etc. (Presentations since 1990)

2007 Letendre P. The Internet: Invaluable educational tool or huge time waster? CSTM Conference, Calgary (3 May 2007)

2006 Gagliardi K, DiTomasso J, Letendre P, Urbanek A. "An analysis of the Canadian transfusion list" (Poster), CSTM Conjoint Conference, Montreal (May 2006)2003 "The Sharing of Quality Tools," National Blood Symposium on Quality and Utilization Management, Vancouver (Nov. 26-27, 2003)

2002 "Web-based educational resources" ISBT World Congress, Vancouver (August 27, 2002)

2002 "Websites related to quality management and evidence-based medicine," Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine Symposium, Michener Institute, Toronto (June 14, 2002)

2002 "Literature searches simplified," Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine Symposium, Michener Institute, Toronto (June 15, 2002)

2002 "Competency-based Assessments Online - Where E-Learning Fits in a Quality System," CSMLS Congress, Calgary (May 22, 2002)

2000 "The Internet Advantage: Keeping Current in Research, Development, and Change," IAMLT World Congress, Vancouver 

1998 "A Laboratorian's Approach to Reading Journal Articles," Clinical Laboratory Medicine Conference, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

See news article about 5-day conference

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