@AABB Tweets (24 Oct.  - 13 Nov. 2015) Nov
1 "VIDEO: New study examines how travel deferrals for #blooddonors impact the blood supply.  https://t.co/WAox1aGgm8" 13
2 "A worker compares transfusion donor bottles at Baxter Baxter Lab., Glenview, in the 1940s. #TBT https://t.co/XdgVBpOgjG" 12
3 "Implementing a PBM program? Buy our Introduction to PBM for only $25 and our other modules with a 20% discount! https://t.co/A28LhakJRU" 11
4 "@MilitaryBlood Great photos! Thank you for joining us and helping us make #AABB15 a fantastic meeting!" 11
5 "Self-propelled particles deliver coagulants through bloodstream to stop severe #hemorrhage. https://t.co/FXgsUf6gaQ" 10
6 "Sally V. Rudmann, PhD, MLS(ASCP)SBB, has been an AABB member for nearly 35 years. Thank you! https://t.co/MDUjJykikT #AABBproud #AABBpep" 9
7 "@BCSolutionsAZ @SCCSoftComputer Adorable. :)" 9
8 "@Title21Health We're happy to hear that!" 9
9 "@my1blood @BCSolutionsAZ Haha, it is funny. :)" 9
10 "@ParentCordBlood @Cord_Blood_News Thanks for sharing!" 9
11 "U.S. and German researchers join efforts in the #stemcell research. https://t.co/rCBjGCXNIL" 8
12 "CFR Mini-Handbook on #bloodbanking #transfusionmedicine #celltherapy legislation https://t.co/cv3BLJB1Vt https://t.co/051yIYXfiU" 7
13 "How are climate events, like El Niño, linked to viral illness epidemics? Researchers offer interesting clues: https://t.co/SdaLBSVXs4" 6
14 "Remembering noted immunohematologist Mary N. Crawford for #TBT https://t.co/t4tPVuE3sP" 5
15 "#PatientBloodManagement Awareness Week is underway! How is your facility celebrating this special date? https://t.co/vcTpKIS0eI" 4
16 "Feeling overwhelmed? Our Nov. 4 institutional audioconference focuses on achieving work/life balance. https://t.co/4nVkB3Uobq" 3
17 "#PatientBloodManagement Awareness Week starts today! Does your facility have a PBM program? https://t.co/vcTpKIS0eI" 2
18 "#Transfusion News video: Viability of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Graphs Affects Clinical Outcomes https://t.co/SlrfZpb4DC" 1
19 "#Bonemarrow transplant patient meets the donor who saved her life: https://t.co/BYxwuoQDXR" 31
20 "#CDC updates NHSN #Hemovigilance Module to include info about products treated w/ #pathogenreduction technologies: https://t.co/YDWBkRGTtJ" 30
21 "Ready for some Cross(word) Matching? This puzzle was created by Laurie Sutor, MD, an AABB member since 1987. Enjoy! https://t.co/4ULORAm0Sq" 29
22 "@BCSolutionsAZ Thanks you for joining us Buddy and team! We always look forward to seeing all of you!" 28
23 "@dailysignout Thanks for the feedback!" 28
24 "If you lose a young donor, you’ve...lost him for life –T. Watkins on how to approach this donor group https://t.co/uAM2FG2QXr #AABB15" 28
25 "Check out what happened on the final day of #AABB15 in Anaheim with “Tuesday in Pics” https://t.co/ukkRBHFbP0" 28
26 "@TransfuseTx Thanks for the feedback! We look forward to seeing you again next year!" 28
27 "From new FDA guidelines to disaster prep and molecular testing, see what info attendees are taking away from #AABB15 https://t.co/VILI9x0wpg" 28
28 "Leaving #AABB15 today? Have a safe trip. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando for #AABB16!" 28
29 "How do you go about moving an entire lab? This #AABB15 session provided some pointers: https://t.co/TJW3nLcc4c" 28
30 "Thank you so much for attending #AABB15. We hope to see you again next year! https://t.co/FC77DtDeKU" 28
31 "The Annual Meeting farewell shindig is rocking! #AABB15 https://t.co/AdI9l0n7e9" 28
32 "@tcoylecanoe thank you for joining us!" 28
1 "Thank you all for a fantastic #AABB15! Safe travels and plan to join us in Orlando next year for #AABB16!" 27
2 "Thank you all for tweeting along w/us during #AABB15! AABB members, we invite you to continue the conversation at https://t.co/qPRlcpSPVp" 27
3 "@KreuterMD Thank you for tweeting along with us! It's been fun!" 27
4 "“We’re in this b/c we care about the health & safety of donors & patients. Like you’ve got their backs, I’ve got yours.” Donna Regan #AABB15" 27
5 "New AABB President Donna Regan: “Your passion to serve donors & patients […] will inspire me to work as hard as I can [...]. #AABB15" 27
6 "The Party on the Plaza is just getting started. Join us! #AABB15 https://t.co/K1ZIfww5lo" 27
7 "“Beyond the Myers-Briggs” session highlights: https://t.co/R6VzmRT7sv #AABB15" 27
8 "STRIDE: Iron supplements & letters w/ iron status improve #ironlevels in regular donors https://t.co/rflUNPBqO3" 27
9 "Let’s close out a fantastic #AABB15 partying together on the plaza. The party begins in 1 hour. Join us!" 27
10 "Dr.Paden shares ECMO had been for pediatrics until H1N1 flu in 2009 demonstrated that adults could benefit #AABB15 https://t.co/w05Rq5Ao3s" 27
11 "Did you know that 1% to 3% of our body mass isn’t human? Read about our #Microbiomes session: https://t.co/T1sTiIp13t #AABB15" 27
12 "Understanding #IronDisorders - highlights of 2015 Karl Landsteiner Memorial Lecture by Dr. Nancy Andrews https://t.co/TbiyU65ks5 #AABB15" 27
13 "Major success in China - in one decade migrated from nearly 100% paid donors to 100% volunteer donors #AABB15 https://t.co/U8XJwyhyka" 27
14 "CT Section members gathered at #AABB15 to greet ‘old’ colleagues and meet new ones: https://t.co/SfwskRVJQ5 #celltherapy" 27
15 "Make way for 2016 Orlando! Join the preview lunch in the exhibit hall at noon. https://t.co/k4G8X9gqSo #AABB15 https://t.co/pReD1ANQWT" 27
16 "At the Exhibit Hall? Don't forget to participate in Passport to Prizes! #AABB15" 27
17 "One of The Greats, Marilyn Moulds, leads the room through a case study using DEDUCE methodology #AABB15 @AABB https://t.co/Ma8lDtYWhF" 27
18 "@brandenmorris We're happy to hear that!" 27
19 "Landsteiner award winner Dr. Nancy Andrews is lecturing on iron in the body. #AABB15 https://t.co/XbfAm0mnjf" 27
20 "Final day of the #AABBCentralChallenge! Stop by AABB Central now for the chance to win an amazing prize. #AABB15" 27
21 "#AABB15 Abstract posters: "The Cutting Edge" https://t.co/NXXNPGgVll" 27
22 "Good morning! Are you ready for the last day of #AABB15? https://t.co/R8f9f4qlAZ" 27
23 "@jenniferboyer What a great pic! Thanks for sharing!" 27
24 "The sun rises on another beautiful day at the Annual Meeting! #AABB15 https://t.co/nDb2AaVQnm" 27
25 "Top abstracts presented at Plenary Session feature #sicklecelldisease #pathogenreduction, #ironlevels & more https://t.co/I4DjZx3GDF #AABB15" 27
26 "@RedMedEd Tks for all your hard work last night!" 27
27 "Only 27% of attendees say that their lab routinely performs genotyping #RMELiveCD38 #AABB15" 27
28 "@SueRoseff To a great year!" 27
29 "@BCSolutionsAZ Have a good night Buddy!" 27
30 "Don’t miss tomorrow’s closing Party on the Plaza! Enjoy cool summer sounds from the 60’s/70’s outside the Convention Center. #AABB15" 27
1 "Looking for a job or need to fill a position? Check out the CareerLink job board in Hall C. #AABB15" 26
2 "AMIGO Study: most common cause of HDN in 6 countries still anti-D - don't forget RHIG in RH-negative women #AABB15 https://t.co/G0qIiPzz6T" 26
3 "Dr. Steve Frank speaking about implementing and sustaining a successful PBM. #AABB15 #JohnsHopkinsMedicine https://t.co/HCUDHGdAZZ" 26
4 "I've made a few and i'm not even there! @JeannieCallum @KreuterMD @dryulialin can you get Dr Yazer onto Twitter? https://t.co/Usz2kiYzOx" 26
5 "@AABB connecting for #education #blooducation" 26
6 "Dr.Seltsam summarizes pathogen inactivation technologies #AABB15 https://t.co/MevcNiuZag" 26
7 "#AABBCentralChallenge: Stop by and answer the next question correctly to win an awesome prize! #AABB15 https://t.co/xIB0IhNxhn" 26
8 "How many connections can you make in 1 hour? Head to the Exbihit Hall for the Networking Hour starting at 3:30pm and find out. #AABB15" 26
9 ""Top Gun Serology" is one of our most popular Annual Meeting sessions. Check out this year's highlights: https://t.co/Ln6VzmSP7M #AABB15" 26
10 "#AABB15 Attendee of the Day: Bill FitzGerald, LTC USA (Ret) has been attending the AABB Annual Meeting for 15 years! https://t.co/S6PuCOoPKg" 26
11 "Ready, set, go! Calling all AABB volunteers to join us in Hall D in 15 mins for 1 hour of speed mingling! #AABB15 #AABBpep" 26
12 "Visiting the Exhibit Hall? Participate in Passport to Prizes for a chance to win amazing prizes! #AABB15" 26
13 "#AABB15 Yesterday in pictures: https://t.co/WziM7rztnx https://t.co/6REeUQRrmV" 26
14 "Come test drive the AABB Standards Portal at the #AABB15 Bookstore: https://t.co/6ZLpAlqO0Y" 26
15 "Dr.Kamel- #blooddonor should drink water and have a salty snack before donation and stay 15 min afterwards #AABB15 https://t.co/5AsGztyfmz" 26
16 "Calling all members! Join tomorrow’s Annual Membership Business Meeting and have a say in AABB’s future. https://t.co/0Wbm8HSsCx #AABB15" 26
17 "Get to AABB Central to answer today’s 1st question and enter the drawing for an Amazon Fire Tablet! #AABB15" 26
18 "Lassinger describes ITXM's efforts to support high school blood donors. Teen donors are critical donors #AABB15 https://t.co/OUhvz1bJCG" 26
19 "#AABB15 now hearing results of IPTAS study of 2 PRT systems used to treat platelets." 26
20 "Calling all members! Join tomorrow’s Annual Membership Business Meeting and have a say in AABB’s future. https://t.co/0Wbm8HARKZ #AABB15" 26
21 "Good morning! The weekend (and the NBF Run) may be over, but the fun continues! Ready for day 3 of #AABB15? https://t.co/Tbqm5MXNgL" 26
22 "@BCSolutionsAZ @MediwareInfo That is adorable!" 26
23 "Discussing the future of Weak D Testing #RAP #AABB15 https://t.co/UNyZLz2rty" 26
24 "What do blood and wine have in common? -- #AABB15 session highlights: https://t.co/XmgsQxdipU" 26
25 "Tweeting about the 2015 AABB Annual Meeting? Don’t forget the #AABB15 hashtag!" 26
26 "@colwynpoole Thanks for the feedback!" 26
27 "@AABB #aabb2015 "A new look at the original transplantation antigens", excellent session, will improve transfusion services support in RSA." 26
28 "Top Gun serology session, you truly "take my breath away." Great job, Sue and Martha Rae! #aabb2015" 26
29 "Looking for a place to have a nice meal after a full day of #AABB15 sessions? We’ve got you covered: https://t.co/guyIQLyKaD" 26
1 "@BioRadDiag Have a great night. Thank you for joining us!" 25
2 "@dryulialin So are we!" 25
3 "Answer the daily trivia question at the PEP booth and win a #AABBpep shirt! #AABB15" 25
4 "Visit the Accreditation booth in AABB Central to get all your accreditation questions answered. #AABB15" 25
5 "Join us at @AABB #AABB15. Stop by 273 for 20% discounts, journal copies and to sign up for Transfusion News! https://t.co/7dXqwmugKO" 25
6 "How to manage acute stroke in SCD? Recurrent risk of stroke 67% if untreated! Dr Sarode #AABB15 https://t.co/2sYPIO4M7y" 25
7 "@KreuterMD True :)" 25
8 "Wish you were here? So do we! Find out what you’re missing: https://t.co/9S01cVHu4B #AABB15" 25
9 "Are You My Type? Check out the new AABB t-shirts! https://t.co/omI2FNu1IU #AABB15 https://t.co/WOC2qX1WWN" 25
10 "An #AABBCentralChallenge question is waiting for you at AABB Central! Participate for the chance to win amazing prizes. #AABB15" 25
11 "@KreuterMD @KatePendry So cool!" 25
12 "Did you know that NBE coordinates the annual distribution of over 200,000 units of blood components? Learn more at AABB Central #AABB15" 25
13 "#AABB15 congrats fellow QUEST team members in the NBF 5km run - Jacob Pendergrast and @JeannieCallum - finishing in top 33 runners!" 25
14 "Congrats to Luz, the 1st #AABBCentralChallenge winner! Any other winners out there? #AABB15 https://t.co/uHeExzVcnp" 25
15 "Need a new CV pic? Visit the Headshot Lounge and let a professional take it for you, free of charge! #AABB15" 25
16 "@myriam_juarez Hi Myriam! You have to log in with your AABB member information." 25
17 ""Tick-Borne Disease—What Concerns Us?" -- #AABB15 TTD I session highlights: https://t.co/lLQzREJlAz" 25
18 "Need to charge your laptop battery? Head to the Recharge Lounge at the Exhibit Hall. There’s free Wi-Fi too! #AABB15 https://t.co/NQKLjFGNgt" 25
19 "See what everyone is talking about! Visit AABB Central to demo the AABB HUB, your new online community: https://t.co/qPRlcqaqMX  #AABB15" 25
20 "Dr.Lieberman shares pedi data that plasma will NOT correct coag or stop bleeding #blooducation #AABB15 @AABB https://t.co/zmc4f9uUAC" 25
21 ""MSCs in Trauma Care" -- LTC Andrew P. Cap's presentation highlights: https://t.co/xZlZfO2pmZ #AABB15" 25
22 "Join #AABB15 in supporting @CTB_Intl. Make a donation in the Registration area or at https://t.co/7HkoLGQZ6g" 25
23 "1/2000 transfused platelets w/ bact contamination: 0.5 sens of current bac culture. Argument for pathogen reduction system in plt #aabb2015" 25
24 "Donor/Recip. ABO Compatibility Affects Survival in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation https://t.co/JXH5F9fs1y #AABB15" 25
25 "great discussion at #AABB15 .hospital-based blood donor programs: advantages, disadvantages, collaborations (blood providers, Univ) @AABB" 25
26 "The Exhibit Hall opens in 10 mins! Visit all the exhibitors included in Passport to Prizes for a chance to win great prizes!  #AABB15" 25
27 "Stop by the PEP area in AABB Central and learn how being an AABB volunteer can help further your career. #AABBpep #AABB15" 25
28 "#AABB15 may be next door to “Tinsel Town,” but we need look no further than here to find the stars of our craft. https://t.co/EqmEWxd5Mj" 25
29 "AABB members: You have 1 more chance to win the #AABBCentralChallenge. Find the secret question on the AABB HUB. https://t.co/qPRlcqaqMX" 25
30 "Visit AABB Central and answer: Can you name an activity for AABB Accreditation? #AABBCentralChallenge #AABB15" 25
31 "Attention TMSCC members! Today: Onsite election for Donor and Blood Component Mgmt lead at business luncheon, 1:00 pm, room 204B. #AABB15" 25
32 "AABB staff is ready to help you make the most of #AABB15! https://t.co/StIgYY8Jma" 25
33 ""Blood Donor Iron Management: To Supplement or Not?" article focuses on #AABB15 session on donor iron levels mgmt. https://t.co/chbTF3SCES" 25
34 "Congrats to our NBF Run for Research winners! #AABB15 https://t.co/AaOdUJUpzK" 25
35 "@slmoseley_phd We hope you'll be able to join us!" 25
36 "Are you an AABB and/or #AABB15 newbie? Join us in 15 mins for breakfast in Room 204B." 25
37 "Rise and shine Anaheim! Our NBF Run for Research participants are almost at the finish line! #AABB15 https://t.co/D9B7rIelJf" 25
38 ".@ZiplockNOLA Will do! Check out our #AABB15 blog for updates from the meeting: https://t.co/9S01cVZ5tb" 25
39 "Good luck to everyone participating in the NBF Run for Research kicking off tomorrow morning at 6:00 am! #AABB15" 25
40 "Heading to the Exhibit Hall? Don’t forget to participate in Passport to Prizes! #AABB15 https://t.co/nPp3p1tBXR" 25
41 "Come one, come all to the Exhibit Hall! Over 200 exhibiting companies are ready to welcome you! https://t.co/M3HWTordYB #AABB15" 25
42 "Who’s in the NBF Hall of Fame? View the honorees at the Wall of Excellence in registration area of Hall C #AABB15 https://t.co/RkBcFiLDYC" 25
43 "@lifeandplasma Agreed!" 25
44 "@MilitaryBlood thank you! We will make sure Holly sees this :)" 25
45 "#AABB15: Thanking @AABB Ms. Holly Rapp for her enormous support & help of @militaryblood since '02. We will miss you. #safeblood #military" 25
46 "@slmoseley_phd We're happy you could join us! Have a wonderful #AABB15!" 25
47 "First meeting, transfusion medicine and cell therapies. great talks and great work so far. #AABB15" 25
48 "Honoring an incredible leader: Christine Lomas-Francis  #Sallyfrankaward #Queenof Rh #AABB15 # https://t.co/d9X7Vfqmws" 25
1 "#AABB15: @usairforce LtCol Hudson, AF Blood Prgm director, "How do we accomplish what we do? Total Force." #military #bloodbanking @AABB" 24
2 "Thank you @dryulialin for moderating a great session on how to get physicians to #ChooseWisely @AABB #AABB15 https://t.co/574VXcwOfe" 24
3 "Come to Hall D at 5:30pm for the Exhibit Hall grand opening. Meet our exhibitors and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere! #AABB15" 24
4 "Inspiring presentations by the Armed Services Blood Program at #AABB15 - thank you for saving lives of our war fighters!" 24
5 "Ready for another question? Head to AABB Central and answer: Can you name 4 of the 7 discussion groups available on the AABB HUB? #AABB15" 24
6 "#AABB15: @USArmy LTC Taylor, Army Blood Prgm director, speaking now on point of injury. #Freezedriedplasma #military https://t.co/1TjjkEgPVv" 24
7 "Wanting to learn more about the AABB HUB? Stop by AABB Central for a demo of your new online community: https://t.co/qPRlcqaqMX #AABB15" 24
8 ".@Computype Welcome! #AABB15 is off to a great start." 24
9 "PBM workshop: "Bloodless Trauma Program Yields Options for Improving PBM" article on Dr. Lynn's presentation https://t.co/IdLt6U2HfM #AABB15" 24
10 "Visit the Cyber Connection in Hall C to take your post-session quiz and earn your SAM credits on the spot! #AABB15" 24
11 "@clearasblood #AABB15 is off to a great start. We hope that you can join us next year!" 24
12 "@BCSolutionsAZ Hi Buddy! Great to see you all again. Welcome!" 24
13 "Still plenty of spots available for the NBF Run for Research! Register at the NBF area in AABB Central today. #AABB15" 24
14 "Attending the Meet the Authors Lunch today at noon? Share with us the title of your favorite abstract poster(s). #AABB15" 24
15 "Dr. Tobian shares process & impact of @AABB #transfusion guidelines. Future work- rbc update. CMV risk. #AABB15 https://t.co/T3iSwip4Tk" 24
16 "NHLBI panel: High quality research is lacking on the impact of ABO/Rh mismatch in platelet transfusions #aabb2015" 24
17 "Visit the CT booth in AABB Central & preview the Standards for Cellular Therapy Services, 7th ed., in the new AABB Standards Portal. #AABB15" 24
18 "Great recap of Dr. Verghese's presentation! #AABB15 https://t.co/l7J7kFXNoQ" 24
19 "AABB members: Head over to the HUB & answer the #AABBCentralChallenge secret question of the day! https://t.co/qPRlcqaqMX #AABB15" 24
20 "#aabb2015. Downtown Disney!! House of Blues. Yum! https://t.co/75nyYjoJuJ" 24
21 "@tcoylecanoe Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing!" 24
22 "CT workshop: "Three Questions about MSC Heterogeneity"- highlights from Dr. Schäfer's presentation. https://t.co/jpYEIL5rKY #AABB15" 24
23 "#AABB15: meeting of the minds. #bloodbanking #military #infuselife https://t.co/hjCYTb3V0c" 24
24 "Abraham Verghese encouraging clinicians to be at the bedside. Rituals are transformation.  #AABB15" 24
25 ""The transformation" by Dr. Abraham Verghese. #AABB15 https://t.co/b0TjkaVdYW" 24
26 "3. It is an important ritual (the patient and I slipping back to an old dance) -A. Verghese #AABB15 (4/4)" 24
27 "2. Medical error (wealth of imaging technology makes Drs very dependent on tech) -A. Verghese #AABB15 (3/4)" 24
28 "1. Physician wellness (Drs are spending more time on the computer). -A. Verghese #AABB15 (2/4)" 24
29 "Abraham Verghese: 3 reasons why it is important to go to the patient's bedside (1/4) #AABB15" 24
30 "It's about you & I projecting ourselves into the painting & it shows how intensive we would want our doctor to be. -A. Veghese (2/2) #AABB15" 24
31 "Dr. Abraham Verghese: i don't think this painting is about the doctor (1/2) https://t.co/l44jmAQ6ZK" 24
32 "Inspired by our keynote speaker Dr. Abraham Verghese (@cuttingforstone)? Share your favorite quotes from his presentation. #AABB15" 24
33 "AABB CEO Miriam A. Markowitz speaking at the opening session. #AABB15 https://t.co/49EFqufoMH" 24
34 "Recommend reading from Markowitz: Road to Character, Epic Measures, and The Professor and the Madman @AABB #AABB15" 24
35 "#AABBCentralChallenge: Stop by AABB Central to answer the 1st question: Can you name 1 #AABB15 organized networking event?" 24
36 "Congratulations to David Perez from @terumobct on receiving 2015 Presidents Award from @AABB. Well deserved winner https://t.co/EznZ7beuhZ" 24
37 "@davidacohenmd Great to hear! Share your favorite snippets of the presentation with us! #AABB15" 24
38 "Join us in getting #AABB15 off to a great start at the opening session beginning in 30 mins in Ballroom A-E." 24
39 "@ESaidenberg We wish you were here too! Follow our #AABB15 blog for meeting updates: https://t.co/9S01cVZ5tb" 24
40 "@pathologistmag Indeed! Thanks for highlighting #AABB15!" 24
41 ".@TeamCaptainJohn We wish you were here too! Check out our #AABB15 blog for meeting updates: https://t.co/9S01cVZ5tb" 24
42 "Morning! Ready to take on the 1st full day of #AABB15? Registration desk now open in Hall C. https://t.co/UTCKGYEauu" 24
43 "Did several of this year’s abstract posters catch your eye? Access the ePosters online: https://t.co/31OXhAN1bb #AABB15" 24
44 "Volunteer Leadership Forum participants brainstorming for AABB's future. #AABB15 https://t.co/iMMo73dxHR" 24
45 "@MilitaryBlood We're very happy to have you with us. Let's make this a fantastic #AABB15" 24
46 "#AABB15, we're proud to be here. Come join us at 1400 tomorrow. #military #bloodbanking #infuselife @AABB https://t.co/Xodc7YyudC" 24
47 "Dinner is better w/ (new) friends! Introduce yourself to a colleague at tonight’s Dinner Together event. https://t.co/LoKhuxRorI #AABB15" 24